What exactly do we do?
We provide tools that facilitate peace of mind, creativity, clarity and lasting change.

We collaborate with businesses, individuals, education providers and communities to develop inventive solutions that challenge and change unhelpful learned behaviours and negative ways of thinking.
All of us have a basic need to be happy, we naturally become happier when we access our creative mind and take time to nurture our latent potentials. When we do this we begin to relax, cease  arguing for our limitations and instead start relating to our possibilities. At Freeclarity we employ a diverse set of working methods to help ignite and inspire this process. Methods we use can include mindfulness and meditation workshops, creative thinking techniques, drama, improvisation, storytelling, film, Solution Focused Therapy and art therapy.

A bespoke service:

We tailor programmes in accordance with organisations inclination and time. We will work on groundbreaking ideas with a strong emphasis placed on self improvement and group cohesiveness. Our primary aim is to help nurture potential and provide people with the tools necessary to facilitate lasting changes. We believe that any presenting adverse condition can be transformed into solutions that are much closer to our needs.